Saturday, April 17, 2010

Battle cries from Pakatan

Judging from the sentiments of the folk in Hulu Selangor, it would appear that Najib may find it hard to re-gain the seat from Pakatan and what's with the current association with PERKASA and the DPM's remarks about the small fries in the inter-faith panel.

Umno's alleged role in influencing the MIC Hulu Selangor candidacy has became campaign fodder as Pakatan Rakyat pulled out its big guns the night before nomination day.

hulu selangor nite befor nomination dap dinner talks zaid  speakingSpeaking at a DAP dinner attended by 1,000 in Kuala Kubu Bharu last night, Pakatan big shots declared MIC irrelevant for allowing Umno dictate its actions.

Among those in the assault squad were DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang, whose arrival was welcomed with rapturous cheers, forcing PKR candidate Zaid Ibrahim to hit the pause button as he was delivering his speech.

"The MIC candidacy issue shows us that Umno's hegemony is growing," he said.

Anwar also took a swing at MIC which he said was practically invisible in the BN, thanks to its yes-man attitude.

"MIC and MCA are only Umno's coolies," he said.

Endearing himself to the audience, the skilled orator spoke in colloquial Malay, and used Tamil and Mandarin phrases to rile up the crowd.

NONE"Get out of here, MIC!" Anwar (right) said in Tamil, drawing laughter from the audience.

MIC turned into dart board

He also said now is the time for the people of Hulu Selangor to cash in on BN's riches.

Take the money and the goodies they offer, he said, but vote for PKR.

"You should be smart and let them be the fools," he said.

Anwar also echoed Zaid who in his speech appealed to the mainly Chinese crowd by reminding them of Pakatan Rakyat's multiracial approach.

"The problems of the Chinese are my problems. The problems of the Malays are also my problems.

"After 52 years BN no longer knows the meaning of loss, of the struggles of the rakyat and of friendship," he said in his five-minute speech.

NONEHe said that MIC cannot make the same promise as it "has to listen to Umno", before leaving for another event in Hulu Bernam.

Even though Zaid is perceived to be a liberal leader who will appeal to the non-Malays, the response from tonight's crowd may suggest otherwise.

While he thrashed BN's ethnic-based power-sharing formula, it appeared that he still needed Pakatan's component parties to excite the Chinese constituents last night.

Others who spoke included DAP secretary general and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng Selangor excos Teresa Kok and Ean Yong and PAS deputy president Nasharuddin Madd Isa.

[Source: Malaysiakini]

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