Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Will the real Rosmah stand up?

At the first glance of the photo which appeared in Patrick's blog, I asked myself what has happened to the fat ugly side of Rosmah? It appears she must have gone for aerobic classes at least 3 times a day to look that slim, on juices every morning, no more roti canai, teh tarik or nasi lemak, appointed a new hair dresser and beautician, to make her look so pretty. Then on closer look, darn it, it is all touched up using some computer software. Wow ... ain't technology wonderful? Now I wonder whether Najib will have a pendulum swing, from Rosmah to the one in the photo? Wakakaka .....

The above is a Bernama photo of Rosmah Mansur on her way to theFaces of 1Malaysia festival at the National Geographic Society Building in Washington Sunday. Why can't they show the truth for once.

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