Thursday, April 8, 2010

The case of the missing RM52b

This is definitely something for Ibrahim Ali to chew on. While he is good at blaming the Chinese for the ailment of the Malay community, for a change, how about turning the barrel of his gun towards UMNO, asking them what has happened to the RM52b under the allocation of bumiputra shares by the government? This would be a good start for him to initiate a POI under PERKASA to query the PM, DPM, Finance Ministry officials, Bank Negara, Bursa Saham KL, etc. The allocation was RM54b but now only RM2b remain in bumiputra hands.

You can read Malaysiakini's report here.

If he can't do a simple thing like this, there are only two words for him, 'SHUT UP!"

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