Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chew Mei Fun: Your credibility is at stake should you contest

“If we accept without question leaders who are not good role models, it will send a negative message to the people, especially the children who look up to the leaders as role models, in that our party (MCA) accepts and condones such corruption notwithstanding our wholesome and respectable culture” . Well said, Chew Mei Fun, and very profound too. Now the big question is, with the next MCA election scheduled a year away, will you be once again a contender for the wanita head post? If you are, and assuming you get re-elected, and so does Chua Soi Lek, will you stay on or quit again. Your principle must hold good that as long as CSL is the president you will not want to be a part of the team. For once, I fully agree with you that political parties should not be led by tainted leaders, such as murderers and adulterers. Remember what Mahathir said at the height of the case involving the former CM of Melaka and the underaged girl? He aptly put it, that a politician should be seen as whiter than white. If you decide to stay on despite the presence of CSL, you would have lost more than you bargain for. While the going is good for you now, it is best you stay out of politics, for good, or until CSL decide to quit politics permenantly.

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