Friday, April 30, 2010

Come on, MCA. Do it, that is if you man enough!

An Umno division has called on MCA to leave Barisan Nasional following its failure to deliver the Chinese votes in the recently-concluded Hulu Selangor by-election.

Paya Besar Umno division chief Ahmad Tajuddin Sulaiman told MCA to stop making “silly excuses.”

He said MCA should leave the ruling coalition for not mustering Chinese support for the BN candidate.

As a result, he claimed that BN managed to retake the seat by a slim majority.

Ahmad Tajuddin said MCA’s best option was to withdraw from the coalition, and not continue to be a burden on BN.

“Leave BN to prevent yourselves from becoming a burden to the other component parties. Don’t point fingers at others for your own failure.

“They (MCA leaders) should admit their mistakes and not blame others,” he said, in referrence to their recent comments blaming Perkasa for the loss of Chinese support.

'Covering up their own failures'

The Umno leader said MCA’s allegations are merely to cover up their own failure to secure the support of the Chinese.

“To me this is an irresponsible action. MCA has failed to convince the Chinese community to support the BN candidate (P Kamalanathan) from MIC.

“If Umno could convince the Malay candidates to support the MIC candidate, why couldn’t MCA? Don’t create silly excuses to cover your mistakes,” he said.

Ahmad Tajuddin said MCA must admit that the party no longer holds the trust of the Chinese community.

“It not only happened in Hulu Selangor but also in the 2008 general election,” he said.

In the Hulu Selangor parliamentary seat by-election, Kamalanathan beat PKR candidate Zaid Ibrahim by a 1,725 vote majority.

The Chinese community’s vote went to PKR.

First, it was Ibrahim Ali who asked Chua Soi Lek to resign because he considers the latter to be an immoral person and leader. Now we have these UMNO fellas from the Paya Besar Division telling MCA to quit the BN. So what are you fellas in MCA planning to do? If I were you, take up the challenge, leave the BN and don't look back. You are a party heading for oblivionville and there is no point whipping a dead horse anymore. Pull the plug, man. Pull the plug. You still have one more saving grace and that is the face saving dignity to walk out with your head held high. The Chinese community will respect you even more rather than to see you treated like dirt.

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