Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kiss hand, shake hand??

I still can't get over the kissing of Muhyiddin's hand by Kamalanathan. Notice the body language of the two of them as shown in the now infamous photo below. One kissing the hand which truly reflects his party's way of kowtowing to the tai-koh. Then look at the way Muhyiddin lord over poor Kamal with his hand on his hip and "looking down" on the latter. Subsequently, the two of them brought out contradictory statements. Kamalanathan denied that such a thing happened. This photo was immediately splashed all over blogosphere. Muhyiddin said Kamal understands Malay culture.

Now look at the photo below. Heck, even UMNO members don't kiss the boss' hands or is it a Malay culture just to shake hands? So which is which?

With this, Kamal will have to support UMNO's policies even if they meant acting contrary to the interests of the Indian community. Remember all the temple demolitions? Can he look straight into Muhyiddin's face then to express his displeasure? If he does that, I bet you the next thing, Kamal will find himself in "Siberia" just like Soninathan. So Kamal's option would be, hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil, and he will survive.

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