Friday, May 7, 2010

OK-lah, we must give credit where credit is due

Well, the Polis Di-Raja Malaysia certainly have been having a bad rap from the public this last one week over the shooting of 14-year old Aminulsayid Amzah. Now there was an incident the previous day which took place in a cyber-cafe in Jalan Genting. A 17-old (read teenager) with six of his friends charged into the outlet at about 3.00 am (read morning) and held up 12 patrons little did they realise that two plainsclothes policemen were in the washroom. This was reported in The Sun paper of May 6. The robbers were armed with parang, samurai swords, saws and an axe.

On hearing the commotion, the two policemen came out from the loo and this is what they did:

1. They identified themselves.
2. They ordered the robbers to surrender.
3. One of the robbers lunged at them with a saw. It was only then that one of the detectives drew his pistol from his holster and opened fire.
4. Instead of shoot to kill, he wounded the robber in both legs. On seeing this, the robber's accomplices fled the scene.

Any good reason why such SOP was not applied in Aminulrasyid's case??? To the two detectives, A JOB WELL DONE!!!!

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  1. Small gun + moving target + elements affecting the projectile (gravity, wind, drag).