Monday, June 7, 2010

Enter Rambo Khairy

When I read the news report (left), I almost had a fit. If the Syrians, Saudis, Jordanians, Egyptians, Turkish and the Libyans put together and still could not bring Israel to its knees, what makes our "Rambo" Khairy think that he and his pampered UMNO Youth are able to do so? To think that with only one month in training with the Territorial Army he is ready to take on Israel? Why doesn't he try Singapore for size?

Israeli Commanders and Navy Seals were simply shaken and sweating profusely when they heard 'Major' Khairy issuing the following ultimatum:

“If another attack happens, we [Malaysian] will rise. I am sure the [Malaysian] people here will sacrifice our lives to fight for this.”

"Major" Khairy assured everyone that:

“if Israel attacked another ship heading to Gaza, the Zionist regime would have to deal with him.”

"We will not only demonstrate, but we will also make sure that we go to Gaza to defeat the Israeli regime,” said Khairy, who graduated as a "major" [an honorary rank].

"We are ready to go there ourselves to help in Gaza. We hope the Malaysian government allows more ships, 10, 20 or even 100. We want to open the eyes of the world to what has happened,” he added.

On whether he will be proposing for more ships to be sent to Gaza, Khairy said he will discuss this with Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and other NGOs such as Perkasa.

Our fight doesn't just stop here. Imagine if 100 ships from all over the world go over, how can they stop us. If we have strength in numbers, Umno Youth and everyone will all go," he said.

Asked if he is prepared to go, Khairy replied: "
Of course."

If I were Khairy, I would think twice before he goes around organising an armada of 100 ships to invade Israel. Israel is a nation who has been on a war footing for the last 60 years and many of its citizens are battle hardened, well armed and trained in the use of all form of weaponary. I bet you before the armada could reach 100 miles from the Israel shores, Israel would have launched torpedoes and missiles to blow the ships out of the waters.

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