Friday, July 16, 2010

Price adjustment? My foot!

I, like many Malaysians, am feeling flabbergasted over the recent price hike announcement. Items such as fuel, sugar and cooking gas have gone up at midnight last night. Look again at the items. They have very little to do with businesses or industries but will in a greater sense, affect every household in the country. In case many of you missed the boat, here is the breakdown of the new prices :
  • RON 95 grade petrol - from RM1.80 to RM1.85 per litre
  • RON 97 grade petrol - no more subsidies (managed float)
  • Diesel - from RM1.70 to RM1.75 per litre
  • White refined coarse granulated sugar - from RM1.65 to RM1.90 per kg
  • Liquified petroluem gas - from RM1.75 to RM1.85 per kg

For cooking gas: (each cylinder)

  • 10kg - from RM17.50 to RM18.50, RM1 hike
  • 12kg - from RM21.00 to RM22.20, RM1.20 hike
  • 14kg - from RM24.50 to RM25.90, RM1.40 hike
Instead of taking care of the rakyat, UMNO have deemed it fit to splurge themselves using our hard earned money, and now, finally, the chicken have come home to roost. The rakyat have been made to pay for the gross negligence of these leaders.

Instead of taking it out on the rakyat, UMNO leaders should have done the following prior:

1. All ministers and deputy minister to take a pay cut of 50%. They like everyone else will also have to pay rent for their living quarters henceforth.
2. Return the two useless empty buckets to Paris. Although we may not get a full refund, but something is still better than nothing, as a way to fill back our nation's coffers.
3. MACC should act on Toyo fast, find him guilty and have his RM24m mansion "lelong" off. The money can go back to the state coffers to help the destitutes.
4. As part of an austerity drive, all ministers, deputy ministers and government officials will now travel economy class or AirAsia. No more first or business class.
5. The books of PETRONAS must be opened to all to vet. It is our (the rakyat) money and therefore have the right to know how the money is being spent.
6. "Lelong" off the ghost town and buildings of PutraJaya to any foreign investor who in return can turn it into a theme park like Disney Land. The prime minister can move back to the old residence located in the city. If the President of United States can work and stay in a building that is more than two hundred years old, and the prime minister of Great Britain staying and working from a roadside apartment with its origin going back to 1732, I cannot understand why our prime minister needs to stay in a palace?

These are just some of my suggestions. Maybe you readers out there can help to add a few more for our lame brain UMNO leaders to take note.

The price hike is totally UNACCEPTABLE, even though the prime minister may term it as "price adjustment"?

UMNO must bring down the price or at least maintain the status quo. If this does not come about, be prepared to face the wrath of the rakyat come GE13. Don't blame the non-Malays this time. You have yourselves to blame because you brought it upon yourselves.

Anwar has this to say: "Burdening the people on the pretext of reducing deficit and using 'government savings' to fund government excesses must be stopped immediately".

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