Monday, July 12, 2010

What??? Anwar a CIA agent?????

Lately, Utusan once again started its vicious attacks on Anwar, this time accusing him of being a CIA agent. Gosh, DSAI must surely be the most popular politician in the world, next to the President of the United States to be linked to so many influential people around the globe.
Before this, he was an agent for the Jews, the American administration, IMF (International Monetary Fund), World Bank, etc. Who knows, the next thing they will link him to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, just to show the anti-Jewish side of him. The paranoia in UMNO doesn't seems to end and it's becoming ridiculous with each accusation. If at all DSAI is linked to the CIA, shouldn't he be arrested and charged for treason?

However, John Marlott, the former American Ambassador based in KL, wrote the following:

calls her (Elaine Meinel Supkis) a prominent blogger, but she really is a kook who should be ignored. She says she won an award for being struck by lightning - indoors - more than anyone. She says the CIA is after her because she exposed their operations. She says she and Anwar have known each other for 12 years, and that she knows his family and he knows her family.

In another posting on a different website, she says the Queen of England
engages in money-laundering. When the lawyer for a British investment firm that she was libelling sent a letter to her web service provider, she turned that into "The Queen of England is now after me."

I think we know who we are dealing with here. She sees enemies everywhere, and they are all important people and groups -
The Washington Post, the CIA, the Queen of England. A case of when I am pursued by important and powerful people, then I am important and powerful, too.

All in all, she is in very good company with

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