Monday, October 18, 2010

Does honesty in advertising pay?

Here are 10 brutally honest ads which you may not consider to emulate:

1) Mars: A Mars a day, helps you work, rest, play, and morph into a disgusting blob of flab.

2) Nike: It’s outrageous, they’re just trainers, but we’re asking you to hand over a month’s pay for them.

3) Lipsmackin’ thirstquenchin’ toothrottin’ gutexpandin’ brainbuzzin’ headhurtin’ PEPSI. 4) Microsoft: Where do you want to go today? To the shop which sells Apple Computers? Yes, if you are clever and creative. But for everyone else, there’s Microsoft.

5) De Beers: A diamond is forever. And so is paying the credit card debt you bought the diamond with. Meanwhile, she’ll keep the ring and ditch you for a stockbroker.

6) Carlsberg: Probably the best beer in the world for making you talk rubbish and fall over.

7) United Airlines: Fly the friendly skies. But if Cathay Pacific and Virgin Atlantic are full, try our airline.

8) They say the new iPhone 4 changes everything. Again. Whatever. But it’s only a phone. So just get a life already.

9) AIG : Insure your future with life insurance. It’s a real downer if your husband dies, but on the plus side, buying a yacht and wearing designer dresses for the rest of your life is not so bad.

10) No looks, no charm, no personality? No problem. Ferrari: The car for guys with no other way to get girls.

But then again, do we need to be downright honest when informing people.

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