Friday, October 29, 2010

History to be made compulsory??

So, now UMNO want to make history a compulsory subject in school. Actually, this is not the issue. The real issue is what are they going to impart to our kids. History as it happened or a spinned version by UMNO? If it is the latter, then we, as parents, have a cause to be concerned.

Among the many subjects taught in school, history was my favourite and it is for this reason I have managed to store away my school history text books for the last 40 to 50 years, so that when the time comes, I can share them with my children and my grand children, telling them Malaysian history as it happened.

For those who had their primary schooling in the late fifties and then onto secondary education in the early sixties, will no doubt be able to recognise the book covers posted below. Many of you will agree that compared with yesteryears, history taught today is no longer the same. History in those days was taught from a world view perspective while today's text is heavily skewed towards one religion and middle eastern countries. My favourite book is "History of Malaya" by Joginder Singh Jessy.

History text books for Standards 4 & 5

History text books for Forms 1 and 2

History text books for Form 3

History text book for Form 4

History text book for Form 5

History text book for Form 5

There was even a suggestion from ex-PKR Zahrain that the May 13 1969 tragedy should be included in the history lessons. May I ask from whose view point? From UMNO or from Dr Kua
Kia Soong's book "May 13" which contains declassified documents from the London archives. Before they rush head on into this venture, be careful, be very very very careful. Many of those who experienced the tragedy are still alive and kicking today, and if facts are distorted, heavens forbids,there will certainly be a public uproar, especially those who lost their loved ones (from both sides) during the event. Since the findings from Dr Kua's book are based from true documents, then UMNO should adopt this as a common text.

Malaysian history must be written in its purest form, free from political influence from either side. If the truth needs to be told, then tell it as it is. Why the need to hide the facts or exaggerate them?

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  1. Do you know where I can get hold of these books?