Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who will pick up the flag?

As the GE13 draws near each day, UMNO, understandably appear to be getting very edgy. This is reflected in the rhetorical speech by Najib in rallying his party members together at the recent UMNO general assembly. The timing, strangely, also coincided with the mysterious appearance of a second medical report regarding DSAI sodomy case. This is an end all game to paralyse Pakatan once Anwar is out of the way. But someone from above asked, "If this man should fall, who will lift the flag and carry on?" Many in Pakatan will step forward and say, "I will!"

To Najib, we will see you at the finishing line.

[The above is an excerpt from the film "GLORY" just as the troops of the 54th Massachusetts made their final charge].

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