Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Has Lee Hwa Beng lost his marbles?

MCA man says God commands Christians to fight Islamic state

Former Subang Jaya state assemblyman, MCA's Lee Hwa Beng (pic), has appealed to Christian sentiments when he suggested on Twitter yesterday that a state based on Islam would ban all other religions.

"As Christians, we should fear Islamic theocracy nation [sic] more than anything. Why is DAP helping PAS to achieve it?” questioned Lee in a response to DAP supporters on the micro-blogging site.

Saying religions other than Islam would not be tolerated under what he coined "Islamic Theocracy State" [sic] and that Islamic laws would be imposed on non-Muslims, Lee even went on to claim that it was "God's command" to fight an "Islamic Theocracy State".

"One of God's command is to fight against Islamic Theocracy State," he said.

He added that UMNO, unlike PAS, did not want to establish an "Islamic Theocracy State".

Lee however was quick to add a 'disclaimer' stating that his remarks were his personal opinion.

“I never say I am against Islam but cannot accept PAS objective of Islamic Theocracy State. In fact I accept Islam as the official religion.

"Sorry I bring this theocracy topic up. Getting out of hand. I am quitting."

The latest remarks by Lee followed similar comments by MCA president Chua Soi Lek in August, in which he suggested Muslim-majority nations were naturally corrupt in an attempt to urge Malaysians to shun PAS.

Chua also claimed that it was UMNO's competing with PAS over Islam which had caused the country to be trapped as a “middle income” nation for more than 10 years.

The comments drew strong reactions from both sides of the political divide, and had left the one-time Health minister blaming online portals Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insider for 'misquoting' him. - Harakahdaily

This guy must have taken leave off his senses to come out with a statement like that. And what did he mean UMNO does not want an Islamic Theocratic State? They have already declared our country an Islamic State in 2001 which is ultra vires the federal constitution and look at all our institutions, everything is slowly but surely going the Islamic way. Even our educators have gone totally islamic picking on non-Muslim kids. It is not Islam that is bad but the kind of Muslim we have to deal with and between UMNO and PAS, the former stood up like a sore thumb. Furthermore, what is this about God commanding Christians to fight Islamic state? How could this be so when Christianity is a religion that precedes Islam? Islam was non-existent during the times of Christ, and as a Catholic Christian, I find this totally unbecoming of a politician like him to utter such rubbish in the public domain. If he thinks that this will help him to win votes, then he is sorely mistaken as this drive away more Chinese Christians to vote for others. Furthermore, may we also know from which part of the Bible was it stated that Christians must fight an Islamic state? Just like UMNO, MCA is surely getting more and more desperate by the day. While UMNO will tell the Malays, the Chinese are bad, MCA will tell the Chinese, PAS is bad. So what else is new?

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