Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nostaligic Weekend - Terry Thaddeus & The Teenage Hunters

Terry Thaddeus (1947-2003)

For those who lived through the sixties and seventies, the mere mention of Terry Thaddeus, will immediately bring to mind Jimi Hendrix. That was how his fans associated him for his style of playing the guitar which was so much similar to that of the great legend.

Terry broke into the limelight in 1963 when he and three of his friends, all St Johanians, formed a group called "The Teenage Hunters" and was seen performing frequently at major concerts with other groups at places such as the Stadium Negara. The group even went on to record a single, a track entitled "Marvin", I believe was dedicated to Terry's father. Regrettably, this is not available on YouTube or elsewhere.

After a couple of years, the band broke up and Terry went on to play with other groups, most notably The Strollers. He even spent some time away performing in Bangkok in the 70s. I will always remember his performances at the "Tomorrow" disco which brought to the fore what "progressive" or "underground" music was all about.

The Teenage Hunters in 1964

After his stint with The Strollers, Terry went on to write and perform on commercial jingles.

Regretfully, this Malaysian musical icon passed away in May 2003 from lung cancer.

Terry singing with The Strollers

Terry playing the Jimi Hendrix classic "Little Wing"

You will remember these jingles, written and performed by Terry

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  1. Hi Does anyone or you have photos of Terry Thaddeus brothers band The Junior Hunters ? with Bonnie & Freddy Thaddeus, Peter Kee & Azmi Hamzah ? Will be great to see them here-they were brilliant and used to be the opening band for Hunters,wherever they played. Thanks

  2. I grew up around the SS1 area and where Teddy used to live. It was great having a chance seeing him play his guitar.

  3. My dad was Bonnie. I might have some pictures around