Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hats off to the students of UTar, Kampar!

University Tun Abdul Rahman (Utar) students in Kampar, who were barred by the campus administration from joining the 1M Malaysian Reject 100-storey Mega Tower, proceeded with their planned meeting at McDonald's this evening.

kampar cake party 161110 cake partyThe university has earlier today deemed the event as political and thus student participation would go against the Universities and University Colleges Act.

There to greet them at the fast-food restaurant was a team of 14 police officers led by Kampar OCPD Abdul Aziz Salleh.

When asked why was there such a heavy police presence, Abdul Aziz pleaded ignorance.

"I'm just here to eat, Why are you taking my photographs?" he told reporters.

McDonald's manager unnerved

kampar cake party 161110 edward chinAbdul Aziz was later seen seated at a table in conservation with
Kampar MP Lee Chee Leong's aide, Andrew Yong.

The manager of McDonald's expressed concern over the heavy police presence at the restaurant, however the students, numbering at about half a dozen, reassured him that there would be no trouble.

"We are just here to eat cake, I assure you that we are here not to
make trouble," said student leader Edward Chin (right).

"We have not brought anything, the police are the one
with batons, not us. In fact, I'm a little afraid of them.

Wearing yellow is political.

Wearing red is political.

Wearing black is political.

More than five people gathered for a birthday party is political.

Holding a candle is political.

Now, cutting and eating a cake is political.

Gee, what a wonderful country!

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