Monday, November 1, 2010

Woe be unto you, MCA!

Remember this face. Heng Saie Kie of MCA

I came across the following from KT's blog and thought I'll re-produce it here, which is written in his usual no hold bar style.

Malaysiakini - MCA action 'barbaric' say Malaysians for Beng Hock and Teoh Beng Hock's sister arrested in Galas

MCA Senator Heng Saie Kie went to campaign in the Galas by-election. Teoh Lee Lan, the sister of Teoh Beng Hock and her hubby Sor Cher Hai also went there to seek MCA’s help in calling for a Royal Commission to investigate into Teoh Ben Hock’s unexplained death while in MACC custody. Lee Lan and party had to use the Galas opportunity because they could never get hold of MCA politicians under normal circumstances.

While attempting to present a petition to the senator, her minders rough-housed Sor, shoving him aside but with such force he fell down and hurt his knee.

As if Sor’s bleeding bruised knee caused by the MCA people wasn’t enough, Teoh Lee Lan has now been detained by our remarkable police for ‘campaigning’ in Galas. Our remarkable police had acted swiftly on such a complaint – guess from whom?

Our remarkable police is all the more remarkable because they claimed to have acted on the complaint that Lee Lan’s group was campaigning despite the well publicised announcement by Teoh Lee Lan and party much much earlier that she intended to seek MCA and other BN politicians at Gua Musang for help in calling for a Royal Commission into Teoh Beng Hock’s unexplained death. How could this be considered as campaigning for either the UMNO or PAS candidate?

And the stench of the police double standards reeks to high heaven when we consider that Sor hah earlier lodged a police report for the assault on him, but of course thus far merited no police action, whereas a report by ‘someone’ sees Lee Lan being detained within 24 hours of that report.

Senator Heng is of course one of those BN back-door senatorial unrepresentative & unelected swill, appointed deputy minister for whatever on the good grace of her Tuan. She doesn’t care whether the Chinese disapprove of her deliberate snub of Lee Lan, or her minders behaving like thugs, because she owes her position not to voters but her UMNO Tuan.

She now has the gall to issue a bullsh*t willingness to see Lee Lan in KL but not in Gua Musang. The claimed preference of a different location is nothing more than an excuse, because Lee Lan could never get hold of any MCA leaders in KL.

And Heng's rotten excuse is all the more pathetic and implausible when the opportunity was there in Gua Musang for her to shine and show her concerns for a member of the constituency her party claims to represent? It merely demonstrates MCA’s far greater concerns for UMNO's feelings than that of Chinese Malaysians.

She and her MCA colleagues most deservedly earn the most shameful label of chao kow (running dogs).

If MCA leaders think March 2008 had been a tsunami, we'll show then they are wrong, because comes GE 13, we'll teach MCA kau kau and eliminate the party for good like Gerakan - sorry to those MCA mates of mine but we'll have to punish you as collateral damage for Senator Heng's cruel cowardly and callous treatment of the family of Teoh Beng Hock, an unforgiveable act.


  1. If MCA leaders think March 2008 had been a tsunami, we'll show then they are wrong, because comes GE 13, we'll teach MCA kau kau!!!

    yes, kau kau kau, kau

    like kopi kau kau

  2. Thank you, Victor. I share similar sentiments as you. Let's hope for the best!