Thursday, November 4, 2010

"You jealous, ah?" so says our DPM

I just can't help but felt bemused when I read the following report from the Malaysia Chronicle. I do not know what we Malaysians have to feel jealous about when the PM announced that UMNO planned to build a 100-storey building. Basically, we Malaysians are protesting about is the RM5b that UMNO via PNB, is going to spend which could be used on some worthwhile causes such as improving the transportation system, health care, building more low cost homes for the poor, improving the quality of education, etc. At least, these will provide tangible benefits to the rakyat. With 100 storeys, say at 10 office lots per storey, you will have a total of 1,000 addiional office lots (more or less)in the city to rent, and with the property glut in the market, I wonder who will be occupying these lots.

Putting aside the 'wisdom' of UMNO going into this hare-brain project, let's talk about the 'jealous' part of the DPM's comment.

Did he mean we are jealous because many of us will be working from some run down office lots while UMNO corporate bigwigs are enjoying the luxury of high tech office amenities? Jealous because we the ordinary rakyat will be operating our business in some backyard while the same UMNO corporate bigwigs are enjoying the panoramic view on the 100th floor? Did he also mean we are jealous that we would not be getting a cut from the RM5b, especially the 200,000+ who protested in FaceBook? Jealous because parts of the project will not be given to us because it is not based on open tender bid?

You know, for a DPM, he sure talk like a small kid, "You jealous, ah?"

Muhyiddin: Critics of 100-stories tower "jealous", ignore and build

KUALA LUMPUR - Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has told Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) to ignore critics of the RM5bil Warisan Merdeka development project and concentrate on implementing it.

The Deputy Prime Minister said those criticising the project just wanted to see it fail.

“They are probably jealous that PNB has the capability to embark on such a big project that will benefit the country.

“I see them as having an agenda because they continued spinning stories, including that it (the project) is a waste of Government’s money,” he told newsmen after opening the Malaysian Biotech 2010 Conference and Exhibition here yesterday.

Muhyiddin said the critics had ignored the fact that the project was not funded by the Government.

“PNB has been a successful trust manager and its funds have grown over the years.

“Don’t belittle its ability because millions of unit trust investors have benefited from it and surely it knew how to expand its investments,” he said in response to those who were still against the development despite several explanations by PNB. -

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