Friday, December 3, 2010

Malaysia, the country I am confused with

Back in the eighties, I used to watch the TV series, "Mind your language". There was this one episode where Mr Brown was trying to explain to Max how cricket was being played. Max then tried to confirm Mr Brown's explanation in plain simple English. He said, "Mr Brown, what you are trying to say is, in cricket, when a player is in, he is not really in; and when he is out, he is not really out." Mr Brown concurred, and Max exclaimed, "My, what an English sport!" The same thing applies to politics in our country, that is, the way our politicians preach about what they plan to do but always ended up doing the opposite. Najib's "1Malaysia" is a good example. Does anyone knows what it is all about? It has come to a state where situations can be more than confusing. So, welcome to Malaysia, the land of the doublespeak.

One of the many spoofs in cyberspace
It's amusing to see UMNO is barking about 'Ketuanan Raja'. Don't you think UMNO should flip through history. Who was the one who withdrew the Sultan's power? Welcome to Malaysia!

MIC is busy bashing Selangor state government for being racist for denying Indian students rights for Selangor state scholarship. Ironically, what MIC has been doing for past 52 years when every year UMNO denies PSD scholarship for many excellent Indian students?-Welcome to Malaysia!

UMNO has been championing 'Ketuanan Melayu' for ages, yet 96 percent of poor are Malays- Welcome to Malaysia.

Police force is indulging in 'trigger-happy acts'. Fatal shootings involving minors and innocent civilians is rampant, yet Home Minister claims that we are 'safe' - again, Welcome to Malaysia

Those who should set a good example and educate the younger generation are spreading racial slurs. However, when complaints are lodged against them, the tables are turned against the complainants. Deputy Minister of Eduction reprimands them lightly', while on the other side, PM is sending a 'strict warning' against extremists? Welcome to Malaysia

Luxury summits, conferences, and forums are organized without fail but when it comes to action, everything also fails. Public money is wasted to boost some individuals' public relation. Welcome to Malaysia.

Efficient PEMANDU introduces NKEA, ETP, NKRA, KPI and etc but no database has been set up to date to prove the efficiency of those plans. All remains beautifully on white pieces of paper. Welcome to Malaysia

Attorney General is hiding relevant documents from the defendant in Sodomy II, but PM claims that Anwar is getting a fair trial despite a slew of international calls to drop the case. Welcome to Malaysia

Parliament's roof is leaking and a 'Prophet' pointed out that it is an act of God. Horrifying accidents occured in the past few months and flash floods hit some states recently. Are these also acts of God? Welcome to Malaysia

They can't even admire a satirical piece yet they plan for some big nuclear thingy and charcoal plants. Welcome to Malaysia.

There are families saving and scrimping to try to make ends meet while SYABAS's CEO is comfortably receiving RM425K salary every month. Welcome to Malaysia

Malaysians' grouses about poor public transport fell on deaf ears but when a YB tried using public transport and ended up going to Parliament by foot after his trial failed, he was highlighted in a mainstream media. Welcome to Malaysia.

Technically Malaysia is in recession and every Malaysian with average knowledge is aware about this. Yet, it is surprising that some dim-witted people fail to see how Warisan Merdeka could be disastrous. Especially when KLCC is not fully occupied still.

First Lady is preaching about rescuing children from poverty as poverty will rob their basic rights to education. On the other hand, taxes on luxuries items are removed. Are you able to make sense of this? If you know what I mean that is, but welcome to Malaysia!

Warts and all Malaysia is our 'unique' country. In Malaysia, we do not go for quality but follow the majority. Some think that we are we are dim-witted. We are ignorant, yet we dream to be astronauts. But an astronaut must be a genuine one who really makes it to the moon or bring back valuable scientific specimens for testing. And not 'wayang wayang' - if you know what I mean.

But, welcome to Malaysia!

[Source: Malaysia Chronicle]

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