Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hatta Wahari, the brave journalist

This is Hatta Wahari, senior jounalist for Utusan and President of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ). He was unceremoniously removed from his job after he spoke out about the journalistic ethics practised by his employer. A domestic inquiry was scheduled but did not take place due to certain arrangements stipulated by Hatta for the hearing and in which the management was not in agreement.

Hatta is now camping outside his office as a protest of his indefinite suspension from his job.

All Malaysians should applaud the courage of this man for taking on the might of Utusan, and I believe that all Malaysians would like to wish him well and support him in whatever ways possible, including his proposed nasi lemak stall to keep him financially going.

This reminds me of a quote made by the late Sir Winston Churchill during the battle for Britain with Nazi Germany, "NEVER IN THE FIELD OF HUMAN CONFLICT, HAVE SO MUCH OWED BY SO MANY TO SO FEW". Here, the truth rings.

The spoken quote appears at 3:06.

And Hatta, this song is for you.

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