Saturday, January 22, 2011

MCA: Three fingers are pointing back at you

Star, MCA-owned and therefore is the party's mouthpiece, published today a laughable report quoting its president Dr Chua Soi Lek's campaign trail in Tenang.

It is not only laughable, it lacks intelligence. It lacks innovation because Chua continued to play race and religious issues in his pathetic bid to win Chinese votes.

After 53 years, the tainted MCA president continues to rely on old and stale issues, devoid of any innovative thoughts to forward Malaysia as one nation.

Chua's comments, published by an equally sub-standard political newspaper, shows that Chua has failed to look at himself in the mirror when raising issues to attack his political rivals.

In fact, every paragraph of the report can be rebuked easily, revealing Chua, the MCA and Barisan Nasional (BN)'s hypocritical politics.

Let's rip apart Star's report from its headline down to its news text and you will see what it really means.

The headline, 'Chua: Don't risk it on PAS' can be easily replaced with 'Chua: Don't risk it further on BN-Umno-Perkasa-Utusan Malaysia'.

The text, “Labis: A vote for PAS means endorsing its Islamic state concept and once given the support, even the DAP would be unable to influence the party or protect Chinese interests, MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek said.”

What a joke that MCA is able to influence Umno or protect Chinese interest. It may as well read, “A vote for Umno means further endorsing Umno-Perkasa's Islamic state.”

Star: “'Such an endorsement would bring the dream of PAS – turning the country into an Islamic state – a step closer to reality,' he said when addressing devotees of the Teng Toh Tong temple here yesterday.”

Let's face reality - BN-Umno-Perkasa has already declared Malaysia an Islamic state. What's the difference?

: “'The PAS brand of Islamic state would paralyse development in the country because their priority is to get people to base their lifestyle on what they (PAS) think is proper,' he said.”

Is that so? Is Kelantan paralysed?

: “Apart from this, Dr Chua added, PAS rule would derail the 1Malaysia concept where all Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion, would be taken care of in the country's development.”

Is that so? Is MCA defending us against the racist and unity-destroying Utusan Malaysia, the mouthpiece of Umno? I only hear PAS and PKR defending non-Muslims against the racial slurs vomited by Umno-Perkasa.

And what about Umno leaders who say “Balik China, India, Cina, India semua penumpang saja,” (Go back to China, India. Chinese, Indians are only squatters in the country) and the classic, “Kita tidak perlu undi orang Cina, India untuk menang,” (We don't need Chinese, Indian votes to win), as uttered by Umno leaders in Titiwangsa , Malacca and Penang?

: “'Do you want to give up what you have been enjoying and risk putting your future and that of your family in the hands of PAS?' he asked,” may as well read, “Do you want to give up whatever that you may have left after 53 years of Independence and risk becoming beggars under BN-Umno-Perkasa.”

And Chua also cautioned the Chinese that PAS was using its Pakatan Rakyat partner – the DAP – to lure them. This is stupid - so, what is MCA doing now campaigning in Tenang? Isn't it for Umno-Perkasa? It's an Umno candidate, Chua, or have you been blinded?

As for Chua saying “DAP is in no position to influence PAS or protect you after you have given them the support,” who would believe that you or MCA is in any position to influence or dictate to Umno?

This is only one of many ridiculous reports being dished out by the MCA newspaper year in and year out. Why are people still paying to read such garbage? I got mine online, for free.


  1. As the Malay saying goes * MELUDAH KELANGIT PERPALIT KE MUKA SENDIRI* that*s what happened to the best actor in phonograhy.

  2. You must mean the best local porn actor.. I still cant forget P Ramlee who incidentally was such a star to unite all the races in his hilarious movies.

  3. Chua Soi Kek, our No.1 Chinese porn star, we will know who to vote in this by-election. Whatever rubbish that spills out from your smelly mouth will not influence our decisions. We, the residents in Labis, have made our decisions 2 years ago and the decisions stick. Period.

  4. Tak malu-lah ahli-ahli MCA -- pilih seorang pornstar menjadi presiden. Kalau kat luar negara, ahli yang dipilih itu secara sendiri akan back out. Chua Soi Lek -- you are such a disgrace because of your unforgivable past, unforgivable as long as you are in the limelight.

  5. Uncle, if you want to promote your pirated DVDs, just ask your boys and girls to do the job for you. No need to go all the way to Labis yourself to buat malu lah!Your face is even thicker than pig skin!

  6. Labis has always been the Stronghold of MCA Presidents. How nice will it be if PAS/PR can pull Tenang off with a simple Majority.

    Then it will really be the demise of MCA as a relevant party representing the Msian Chinese. Perhaps UMNO will then 'court' DAP to take MCA place in BN?

    Definitely DAP & Chua Jui Meng will pull in the Tenang's Chinese Votes, but it will an uphill task for PAS to win over the Felda's residents votes. Santa will come bearing 'gifts' which they will not resist.

  7. How creditable is a political party that is led by a porn star? A liar, cheater pontificating about religion and moral issues? A very simple question to the people of Tenang," Do you FEEL better now after 53 years of same old politics of race and religion?"

  8. Whichever way it goes, MCA, like Gerakan, will be wiped out at the next GE.

    Its leader has no moral authority to be there and his recent brown-tonguing of UMNO renders him further unfit to lead even a pack og beggars!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  9. just vote out these leeches! porn father parasite son. may the curse of allah be upon you and your family for seven generations! may your male descendants suffer the cruelty you have heaped on others' sons! may you female descendants be prostitutes just as you have prostituted others' daughters!

  10. sometimes I am amazed by how MCA members think. How on earth can they vote in a president that will sure to be ridiculed by the public for his actions. Bodoh punya MCA members.

    I don't see how CSL can help BN win the Chinese votes. Good luck, dear PM

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  13. Ketua Belia MCA Gombak YIP JIUN HANN,
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    Mengapa U cuba Menbangkitkan Nama NABI MUHAMMAD S.A.W. bagi menburukkan nama kebaikannya. U cuba ingat memalukan Muslim?
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  14. Kepada Semua Ahli-ahli MCA yang di hormati,
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    Sekiranya kumpulan opportunist semacam ini disokong dalam parti MCA, kami yakin parti MCA sampai bila pun tidak bolih berkembang.

  15. Kepada ketua MCA Malaysia Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai,

    Kami ingin memberitahu bahawa ketua cawangan MCA Gombak YIP KUM FOOK dan ketua pemuda MCA Gombak YIP JIUN HANN, nama mereka sangat kotor di masyarakat Cina sebab mereka halau Sami Buddha keluar dari BUDDHA KUIL SAMNAK SAMBODHI, 19 Jalan 38 Taman Desa Jaya, kepong, Kuala Lumpur.

    Untuk kemenangan pilihan kecil, Calon BN PRK DUN Kajang: Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, kami harap peminpin MCA dan parti komponen BN, jauhkan orang yang tersebut di atas.

    Kalau tidak parti MCA tentu akan kalah dengan lincin

    Sekian, Terima Kasih