Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guan Eng slams BN hypocrisy over non-Muslims portfolio

Hell broke loose when an inter-faith group, comprising of Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh leaders, tried to convene a dialogue to discuss about how the various communities and faiths could work together. was rudely interrupted by a group called 'Badai' who denounced that such a gathering was meant to undermine the sanctity of Islam. This was in May 2006. Okay, that is fine. Now, since the non-Muslims have been left on the lurch, Selangor and Penang decided to engage the issue by appointing their non-Muslim state assemblymen to head the newly formed Ex-co. Right on cue, protests came in from UMNO with the same reasoning, that such a move by the Pakatan state governments would undermine the position of Islam in the country. This is getting terribly tiring as UMNO is practising, not gutter politics, but sewerage politics. It is not about religion anymore but pure POLITICS, period. Why? Such a move has also already been instituted by UMNO in Perak, headed by MCA, Mah Hang Soon. So, why the hullabaloo when it comes to Pakatan-controlled states?
Guan Eng slams BN hypocrisy over non-Muslims portfolio

Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng blasted Barisan Nasional leaders over their 'hypocrisy' in criticising the formation of the state’s new portfolio for non-Muslim affairs.

Lim pointed out that Perak had set up a similar portfolio under Pakatan Rakyat and the post was continued by its Menteri Besar Zambry Abd Kader, who filled it with MCA's Mah Hang Soon.

"Why UMNO did not condemn Zambry?," asked Lim on Twitter, and described BN leaders as "double-faced hypocrites playing with fire"

Lim had come under fire from several BN leaders, including former Penang CM Koh Tsu Koon, who dismissed it as publicly stunt and claimed that non-Muslim issues had always been dealt without the existence of such a portfolio.

Right-wing group Perkasa mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia had even charged that the portfolio would be used to threaten Islam as the official religion.

Lim however brushed aside the accusation, and warned BN against "playing with fire".

"Barisan Nasional (is) playing with fire opposing as if non-Muslims have no right to deal with own issues,” he said.

[Source: Harakahdaily]

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