Thursday, February 24, 2011

Please help KayTee

Just read this appeal from KayTee's blog. Can someone help him out?

I’m not sure whether I can continue to stand the yucky stuff on the media. I need to ‘boycott’ reading the muck. But my problem is there are so many yucky stuff, and for practical reasons I can’t afford to avoid all of them as I still need to read the news, yucky as some may be.

So if you can help me decide which is the yuckiest, I’ll avoid that one.

OK then, which of the following do you consider to be the pits:

(1) The sodomy case where each day we are cursed with yucky descriptions of peri-anal swabs, no-shit for 2 days, arse-holes, semen stains, genitals/rectal regions, oral bee-bop-a-lula, football team shagalag specimens, and other various shitty (pun not intended) stuff. Just f* spoil my appetite.

(2) The sleazy shameful sinful lies of Penang UMNO and its cohorts, those wishful wannabe (UMNO) wankers, against the current Penang Pakatan government. Most have been sheer fabrications. Don't they realize that Allah swt won't be pleased with their blatant lies for secular (political) purposes? One example has been the manufactured and instigated furore against a non-issue, a new exco portfolio to handle non-Islamic religious affairs, a portfolio exactly similar to the one the current Perak BN government had already set up.

Why don't those wishful wannabe (UMNO) wankers go over to Perak to make noise against their mate Zambry, and remain there! wakakaka.

(3) The pile of shit that’s called the PKFZ corruption scandal has been fermenting, rising and stinking to high heavens since the change of MCA Transport Minister, from Ong Tee Keat to CSL's buddy, Kong Chu Ha.

After Ong had the multi-billion dollar scandal investigated, he adopted the advice of external professional bodies and implemented several reform mechanisms, such as:

(a) an internal whistle-blower policy,
(b) requirement for contract bidders to sign an integrity pact, and
(c) most importantly, the appointment of three independent directors on the PKA board to ensure its integrity and competency. The independence of these directors can be assured if the minister stays clear of their appointment, but acts on the recommendation of the Board.

There are now deep concerna that these measures may be gradually dropped off particularly on the three independent directors.

Out of the original 3 independent directors, only one is left; one left for a new appointment while another, M Rajasingam, saw his term expired in November last year. When the Board recommended that Rajasingam be re-appointed, the new Transport Minsiter inexplicably refused.

Malaysiakini reported: Tr
ansparency International Malaysia president Paul Low, who chaired the PKA ad-hoc committee on governance, said Kong's decision has defeated the purpose of having independent director, averring:

"We (the committee) defined the independent director as someone recommended by the board without influence by the minister."

Shit all around!

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