Thursday, March 3, 2011

Anwar, an anti-Christ???

When I read the news report that Anwar was branded as the anti-Christ by Ummi Hafilda Ali, I was totally taken in by her profound knowledge on such a matter especially when one is not a Christian and more so, a Muslim. I first learn about the anti-Christ matter when I saw the movie, "The Omen" which starred Gregory Peck as the US Ambassador to the UK. The sign of the anti-Christ, the triple six (666) appeared as a birth mark on his son's scalp. This is the significant sign of the anti-Christ, the triple six (666). Now if Anwar is the anti-Christ as claimed by Ummi Hafilda Ali, would there be such a sign on Anwar's scalp or any part of his anatomy? Anwar is a Muslim, so how could he be an anti-Christ, which runs contrary to what is mentioned in the Book of Revelations. If the triple six do not exist on Anwar, then alternatively, did he personally harm any Christians so as to bring about the anti-Christ in him. Ummi addressed the issue to a Malay Muslim audience. I wonder how these kampong folks relate this issue to scriptures of the Holy Quran? Does the Holy Quran mention anything about the anti-Christ? This I would love to find out. Now if Anwar, a Muslim, is an anti-Christ, then how about the following:

  • Najib who banned the use of "Allah".
  • Najib who allowed a demonstration to take place after a Friday prayers, just because of the 'Allah' issue
  • The owners of Al Islam who allowed two of their reporters to conduct covert operations in a Catholic Church.
  • The two Al Islam reporters who spat out the holy Host on the ground and then to have it photographed.
  • The people who burned the churches
  • Hardev Kaur who requested the church to remove all crucifixes and crosses, and not to sing any hymns during the Christmas gathering hosted by the Catholic Church with Najib as the guest.
  • Najib who ordered the confiscation of the Holy Bibles in Sarawak.
So by all logical reasoning, who do you think is more of an anti-Christ, Anwar or BN?

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