Saturday, April 16, 2011

The DAP scores and out goes George Chan

6.30pm: Of the 15 seats contested by DAP, it is set to win 10, with three still up for grabs. It is defeated in two (Bawang Assan and Bukit Kota)

DAP is leading in Piasau, which is held by SUPP chief Dr George Chan.

DAP: 4,486
SUPP: 3,209
Majority: 1,277

Other DAP results as follows:

Kota Sentosa
SUPP: 3,408
DAP: 1,497

Majority 1,921
Postal votes has contributed to SUPP win.

DAP: 558
SUPP: 348

Majority: 210

DAP: 2,001
SUPP: 695

Majority: 1,306

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