Wednesday, April 13, 2011

UMNO fight for the rights of Bumiputras?

UMNO claim that they fight for the rights of the Bumiputras. Then why are they discriminating the Christian Bumiputras in Sarawak by confiscating their Bibles, labeling them, stamping them and serial numbering them. For election purposes, UMNO proudly claim the problem has been solved. Has it? Coming from the Christian community, it seems it is far from over. One moment, these Christians are lashed and crucified and the next moment, sticky problems were given prior attention and, the best part is, never have the community been so buttered up till now. Thank the Good Lord for the Sarawak state election.

Bumiputera Christians attend mass at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Kuching last Sunday. — Picture by The Malaysian Insider

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  1. Guys & Gals,
    Let us sing this song till Taib was ridden from Sarawak once & for all