Monday, April 4, 2011

If Poko Poko is a No-No, how about this dance from another Muslim country?

The Mufti of Perak, the enlightened Harussani Zakaria is at it again. This time he believes that the poko poko dance is a No-No to the Muslims, saying that the energetic dance contains Christian and soul-worshipping elements. The Christians are once again made the bogeymen for the social ills of the Muslim community in this country. Quite frankly as a Christian, I have never heard of this dance until the enlightened Harussani Zakaria decides to make it a bone of contention. If he strongly believes that the poko poko dance is Christian originated, then he should issue a fatwa to ban rock, jazz, hip hop and all western pop music as they all originated from GOSPEL (read Christian) music, and this is a fact. Well to artistes like Sheila Majid, KRU, Search and other local artistes, looks like your entertainment days may well be over soon. Might as well switch over to boria, dondang sayang, ghazal and dances like joget and kuda kepang. Perhaps it would be a good idea to emulate some good cultural practice of some Muslim countries like Egypt, by introducing belly dancing? Definitely no Christian nor soul worshipping elements in it.


  1. well, certainly there's no islamic element in this belly dancing as well.

  2. I hope there is a fatwa on the yellow boxes at junctions - resaon, one can see many crosses made by the lines! Ban all checked material, ! Take a closer look, and one can see crosses on such material. Ban the plus sign in mathematics! Hooray, Malasia Boleh!