Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ibrahim Ali is Saladin? Truly a Monday laugh

It is sickening when Ibrahim Ali, leader of PERKASA, likens himself to Saladin. Saladin is not remembered by his ability at war but rather by his chivalrous nature.

Saladin was a gentleman when dealing with the Christians after taking over Jerusalem and when going head to head with King Richard the Lion Heart.

Upon entering Jerusalem October 1187, Saladin ordered his soldiers to not harm the Christians living there and not to damage any places of worship. Such was the benevolence of Saladin that Christian scribes would write about him and make him well known in Europe.

The fame of Saladin was not in his strength in battle but rather his form of leadership. Saladin is held in high esteem along with Richard The Lion Heart. And it must be stated that it was Saladin who negotiated the truce with Richard The Lion Heart, to keep Jerusalem under Arab rule in return for free passage for the pilgrims to visit the Holy city.

This was Saladin the man, the leader and the example.

Don't insult the memory and history of Saladin

Ibrahim Ali cannot even compare to Saladin’s shadow, not in a million years. And to liken himself to Saladin is pure idiotic and an insult to Saladin’s name.

Ibrahim Ali instead is a super-ego. Induced with a superficial view of himself, he thinks he is the Creator's answer to fix the ills of the world. Filled with visions of grandeur, Ibrahim Ali is insensitive to those around him who do not share his point of view.

For Ibrahim Ali, if you don’t agree with him, then you are wrong - so wrong you have committed a sin.

This is Ibrahim Ali’s view of the world, a view totally contrary to the great Muslim leader - Saladin.

Ibrahim Ali is a mere court jester, constantly seeking attention with his antics and silliness. Would the authorities put him under lock and key? It may never happen.

The powers-that-be need a mouth like Ibrahim Ali's to shoot off monstrous claims and initiate pointless actions. He is needed to pull off the politically-incorrect moves that his masters are not able to pull off.

The Mouth and his Job

Ibrahim Ali’s job is to divert, to misinform and to bait reactions that would form grounds for the authorities to act upon. Ibrahim Ali baits the emotional and irrational response from a select few who lack the insight and common sense so many are blessed with.

Eventually, Ibrahim Ali will be roped in but not until he has caused enough damage to the fabric of Malaysian society. It goes against any sense that he is still roaming free. Yet, we do not have to think far to see that his freedom is allowed, permitted and endorsed.

On September 7, 1191, Saladin's forces lost to Richard’s army at the Battle of Asraf. During the battle, Richard lost his horse and Saladin sent two horses to replace the horse Richard lost.

Richard even proposed that his sister, Joan of England, Queen of Sicily, should marry Saladin’s brother, and that Jerusalem could be their wedding gift.

Such was the relationship between Saladin and Richard, who never met in person but communicated via messengers.

These are the things Saladin is remembered for throughout Europe.

700 years after the death of Saladin, Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany donated a new marble sarcophagus to Saladin’s mausoleum which has the inscription - “A Knight without fear or blame who often had to teach his opponents the right way to practice chivalry”.

Ibrahim Ali, you are no Saladin. You are just a trouble-maker.

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When the first Gulf War erupted in 1991, Saddam Hussein too likened himself to Saladin and promised to defeat the Americans and their allies in the "Mother of All Battles". However, he was later captured after the second Gulf War, tried and hanged. Kind of makes you want to compare Ibrahim Ali to Saddam Hussein first, before comparing the former with the Great Saladin where there is no distinct similarities at all, zilch! The only thing Ibrahim Ali could come close and wants to be compared with, is the 'violent' side of Saladin which was necessitated due to war in his quest to reclaim Jerusalem from Richard the Lion Heart. I guess this is what Ibrahim Ali was comparing himself to when he said he would lead a crusade (?) against the Malaysian Christians. For Saddam Hussein to compare himself to Saladdin, there are a couple resemblances here. Both are Iraqis and both have strong armies. But Ibrahim Ali is a Malay with no army. So where does the Saladin part comes in, I wonder. Ibrahim Ali is better off comparing himself with the likes of Adolf Hitler who was a racist like him and who despite his Nazi ideology, was a total ultra-Christian who despised the Jews absolutely.

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  1. For all we know, Ibrahim "Shitladdin" is part and parcel of UMNO's ploy to frighten the malays into thinking that Islam and malays are under siege. After all Ibrahim Shitladdin has repeatedly declared that many thousands of UMNO people are also Perkasa members so he is well funded by UMNO. However I think you are too kind to Ibrahim Shitladdin by writing he is a court jester. He is far from it.....he is a retarded dinosaur.