Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nicole Seah of the National Solidarity Party, Singapore

She is only 24 and a first timer in Singapore politics, but Nicole Seah has already started to make waves during the recent Singapore GE as a candidate for the National Solidarity Party (NSP). Her gutsy approach in confronting issues with the ruling party, PAP, endeared her to many Singaporeans who thronged to see her speak at each rally.

She even finds an admirer in Adolf Hitler -

Following is an extract from the BBC online news report:

This shift from more tightly controlled state media to freer online platforms has propelled 24-year old Nicole Seah to fame.

One of the youngest candidates standing for the opposition National Solidarity Party, her Facebook fan site had surpassed that of senior statesman Lee Kuan Yew, who is widely regarded as the architect of modern Singapore.

For two days, when her Facebook site boasted more than 60,000 fans, she was the most liked Singaporean politician on Facebook. Mr Lee has since caught back up with her.

Ms Seah is clear as to why Saturday's vote is so important.

"These elections are a watershed for the reason that social media is emerging in a very strong way," she explains.

"Moving forward, I do feel that the government will start to be more mindful about how they can engage residents. It's something that the ruling party will have to come to terms with, that if they really want to engage the citizens, they will probably have to take the negative feedback online, along with what's positively mentioned."

Read more about Nicole Seah here.

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