Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is it wise for PAS to join UMNO?

When I read this article "Back to the wall, Umno may even offer PAS half its powers" in the Malaysia Chronicle, I can't help but feel how desperate [I mean like D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E] UMNO must be to even consider sharing half of its powers with PAS for the sake of 'Malay unity'. I asked myself, "Are they serious or what?" After over five decades being at the pinnacle of power, how conceivable it is for them just to share 10%, 20% 30% 40% or even 50% of its powers with PAS. If they do three questions will undoubtedly arise. The first one would be how would the non-Malay component parties in the BN react when they have to forgo their posts to PAS. Secondly, Chua Soi Lek will look like an utter idiot after his continuous discrediting of PAS, to suddenly find that MCA too have to make way for PAS, no thanks to UMNO. So , will Chua Soi Lek finally take MCA out of the BN or will he continue to maintain his thick skin, swallow his pride, by still remaining in the coalition? Thirdly, many of the UMNO ministers equally will have to make way for PAS, and this is one thing, they will probably not take it lying down. They will be in no mood to concede to Najib with a "Yes, Boss" or "Anything, you say, Boss" response. Once this reaches the grass root level, it will be bye bye to UMNO.

If UMNO has arrived at such pathetic level, why don't they just dissolve and let the members join PAS. At this stage, it would be more advantageous to PAS if UMNO was to join PAS rather than the other way round. PAS in fact has a lot more to lose whereas UMNO doesn't. Reason being, PAS has worked so hard through the years to build a great amount of goodwill with the non-Malays. Any such move to accept UMNO's proposal will undoubtedly create a perception amongst the non-Malays that Malays, whether PAS or UMNO, cannot be trusted. I know PAS will not want to commit 'hara kiri' by teaming up with UMNO, but it is always better to remember the line, "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread".

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