Sunday, May 8, 2011

I was away for an eye operations

Many of my friends must have noticed that there were no postings from me last week. As a matter of fact, I was away undergoing surgery of my two eyes that involved lens implant/cataract removal, and this is something I would like to share with you, especially those having eye problems. The results of the surgery were amazing. Prior to the surgery, the images were like viewing those from RTM TV shows that use analogue signals. After the surgery, the images were crystal clear, sharp and bright. It was almost like you are watching ASTRO Beyond HD quality. Every thing around me was so much 'alive'. However, the most noticeable part was, it was a painless operations and the eyes could be used immediately after the operations except it would be covered with a plastic transparent eye shield to prevent accidental knocks or scratchings. Unlike similar operations done else where, I did not experience blood shot eyes either. The actual operations lasted only 15 minutes done under LA conditions.

Well, my thanks should actually go to Dr Choong Yee Fong, who performed the surgery and is one of the heads at ISEC or International Specialist Eye Centre located at Mid Valley in Kuala Lumpur. Dr Choong is no doubt one of the most affable doctors I have ever come across. During the entire operations, he was very assuring and even kept me informed on the going-ons in the operating room.

The staff at ISEC is another matter worth mentioning. From the moment you check in for your check ups until your departure after the operations, credit must be given to their excellent services. I was even pleasantly surprised when on my subsequent follow up visits, some of the staff were already addressing me by my first name. You just cannot help but feel nice about the reception.

The fees may be a little pricey, but I guess for the type of service provided, it is money worth spending.

For you information, ISEC caters for the following treatment:
  • Cornea & Anterior Segment
  • Cataract and Intraocular Lens Implants
  • Glaucoma
  • Paediatric Ophthalmology
  • Strabismus (Squint)
  • Medical Retinal Diseases
  • Vitreous & Retinal Diseases
  • Uveitis
  • Oculoplastics
  • Optometry & Orthoptics
  • Laser Refractive Surgery
From what I have seen so far, ISEC applies the latest technology in eye surgery.

Read here for Dr Choong Yee Fong's credentials.

Dr Choong Yee Fong

Visit ISEC web-site for more information on their services and related eye care services.


  1. I am so glad your vision is back to normal. I too had mine done a year ago, and you are right, the vision is near perfect. My myopia was terrible; my power was nearly 1000 in one eye, and now I don't need any glasses for reading nor driving! Thanks to our doctors!

  2. Hi Anonymous, did you have your operations at ISEC as well? Good to hear from you.

  3. On behalf of ISEC, thank you for posting a complimentary post about us. We value your feedback and hope your eye and vision remains well.

  4. My sis came back from New York just to get her shortsightedness corrected. She picked ISEC. However, the result was disappointing that she ended up with one of her eyes was corrected and one left unsuccessful. This was due to the specialist overlooked that the thickness of of both of her corneas were different. To cut the long story short, since her left eye cornea was cut but lasik cant be performed, she has to wait until her cornea to grow in 6-12 months then only can do another round of amendment. So now she is left with one eye perfectly normal and one eye with power of -8.00. After the failure, my sis was made to pay for the eye which was successfully corrected that left us very unhappy.

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