Sunday, May 1, 2011

The look on their faces said it all!

Photo by Mkini

The despondent look on the faces of these MCA leaders said it all - that the end is nigh and probably thinking about their lives after GE13. Being hammered left, right and centre by UMNO, PERKASA and DAP, did not do the party any good. Now Najib has to come out with, "Vote MCA or else!" If he doesn't mind, we will take the "or else" part of his offer.


  1. They look like little boys lost. Well they deserved it as they have kicked and slapped left, right and center by their UMNO masters and yet, they keep begging for more. Now even Perkasa has resorted to spit in their face and tell them to toe the line or else........

  2. I think they are FORCED to watchRosmah singing 1 Malaysia on you tube....instead of some sexy singers dancing..... that is the punishment for shoe lickers. I suppose for some $$$$ you MCA can do anything that insult your own religion and gods too.....

  3. This is what is going through the minds of the respective MCA fellas above;

    Chua Soi Lek: Sei loh, sei loh! I should have kept my mouth shut and not boast about not accepting any ministerial posts.

    Kong Cho Ha: I'm going to shit in my pants if this conference continues any longer!!!

    Liow Tiong Lai: Stupid Soi Lek. Should have let me become the MCA president. We are now in a bigger shithole with his blabbering.

    Donald Lim: Er, what's happening? Why is the chair taller than me?