Friday, June 10, 2011

OMG, after Anwar, now UMNO trains it's cross hair on Mohamad Sabu of PAS

It looks like UMNO leaders are now whipping up a sex scandal to hang onto newly-elected PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu, with a CD entitled 'Skandal Seks Mat Sabu' (or Mat Sabu's Sex Scandal) being distributed in the mail, as Prime Minister Najib Razak's party goes on a last-ditch X-rated binge to discredit opposition politicians.

So far, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim - regarded as the BN government's No. 1 enemy - has borne the brunt of the UMNO attacks. Then came Mat Sabu, who a week ago won the endorsement of party members to beat incumbent Nasharudin Mat Isa and former vice president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man for the coveted PAS No. 2 post.

Like Anwar, Mat Sabu is a gifted orator able to appeal across racial lines. His colleagues have placed great expectations on him to drive their party foward and adopt a more progressive and moderate mould, which would alow it to compete directly against UMNO for the Malay middle ground and fence sitters.

That his arch enemies have chosen the same modus operandi to destroy his career as they have been trying to do to Anwar underscores how worried they are that he will succeed in shaking up PAS, and drag the Islamist party fully into the main stream of Malaysia's multiracial society.

"This looks like blunder No. 2 for UMNO. By using sex against Mat Sabu, it will only convince those PAS members who still had doubts about Anwar. Now they see with their own eyes the same thing happening to one of their own. I think it will enrage the party and the community. Anwar can now say 'I told you so'," Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin told Malaysia Chronicle.

A legacy of sex and smut

Apart from Zuraida, PKR vice president Tian Chua was also a victim of a recent sex email scam, with a chain letter distributed in his name carrying the message that he had watched the video closely and believed the man having sex with a prostitute was Anwar.

"Najib is leaving behind the worst legacy of all the prime ministers," Tian told Malaysia Chronicle.

Three UMNO members with links to the top leadership including Najib and former premier Mahathir Mohamad had 'discovered' the sex tape and screened it to a group of journalists. Select PKR leaders were also shown the tape in a bid to lure them to defect. Although it is a crime to publicly screen pornography, the police have not arrested or charged the men who called themselves the Datuk T trio despite their public confession.

Zuraida, who is also the PKR women's chief, received the Mat Sabu sex CD in her mail box. She lodged a police report on Friday.

According to her, she received the CD a day ago in her mailbox. Other neighbours were also victimized. The CD which carried the title 'Skandal Seks Mat Sabu' (Mat Sabu's Sex Scandal) came together with a letter printed on a forged PAS letterhead and a brochure containing pictures of Anwar.

“The video is clearly politically motivated and I suspect it is being done under the orders of or involve people who hold high positions. I would not be surprised that Umno or Barisan Nasional would be involved in this kind of politics as this is their culture. This will bring down society as they would resort to such dirty and despicable act," said Zuraida.

She has not viewed the Mat Sabu CD, complaining the police had not taken action although the spread of the video was rampant.

"There is no new development, or arrest made, with regard to the matter," was all that Selangor police chief Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah had to say when quizzed by reporters.

UMNO twister spinning towards PAS

Sex and smut are being increasingly used as the political tools of the ruling government to retain power. Like the police, UMNO leaders including from the BN have maintained a deafening silence to the pornography pervading the nation, alarming large sections of the society.

As Zuraida pointed out, even UMNO minister for Women's affairs, Shahrizat Jalil, has refused to condemn the spread of sex and smut via government-controlled media including newspapers and prime-time TV in a bid to chop down Anwar.

The only times when BN leaders speak up on the matter is to bait or berate Anwar, providing fresh fodder for their media to continue generating sizzling and heavily sex-laced news.

However, Pakatan leaders including Mat Sabu have remained cool.

[Source: MC]

With such callous approach in defaming members of the Opposition, UMNO can now forget about PAS teaming up with them. It's all over. But then again, we have people who are really THICK-SKINNED who can't take NO for an answer.



  1. Good for PR, umno helping PR to win in the next GE.

  2. The idiots among them are resorting to this mode of politics. Real idiots.

  3. What to expect from a party that's run by pea-sized brains individuals? Using same old tricks although it doesn't work. Yawn! Boring!

  4. We have a *Blue Brain* govt.They never have anything better than blue film to gain voters sympathy.Unless something is done,the brains of the rakyat will turn blue unless the rakyat throw them out comes the next GE.

  5. Muslims who continue to support UMNO, the haram and satanic party will be held accountable for their actions as we are commanded by Allah to uphold the truth and fight against injustice.

    Do not sell your souls to the devil party.

    BN/UMNO are damned hard up to win back the favor from the Malaysian Public at any cost. Now is their final and last attempt to do it, by using the TORCH EARTH MENTALITY. This is an indication of desperation and greater despair on their part of the highest level.

    BN/UMNO are doing the greatest favor for the PR to win the GE13v with greater majority in all the Parliamentary Constituencies Nationwide.
    The public will not give a hoot anymore to their crafting of nonsense to the Opposition Figure head. We treated everything they do just as a joke and nothing else anymore.

    BN will surely lose the Election and UMNO will be split and disbanded for good. As a start I have been promising myself and all our families and friend NOT to give our Votes to the BN in the GE13, so how about you.Please correct me If I am wrong. Hopefully I am not.

  7. KENTUT1MALAYSIA menyatakan bahwa...

    sharizat and ibrahim ali...cuti kot?
    Manakah ajaran agamna awak yang awak agungkan. jangan marah Ibrahim i panggil you BODOH" SEKALI YA... memang you dan ahli menteri menteri UMNO yang pun sama. Cubalah cakap sikit. ada wanita UMNO yang buka kelab "seks" sekarang apakah menteri2 takda telur nak cakap pasal rasuah dll..? Bodoh sombong... tolonglah jangan gunakan nama Islam dan jadi hero..podah...