Sunday, June 5, 2011

UMNO and PERKASA clowns

While the rest of the country is reeling in anger with spiraling price hikes in our bread and butter issues and Najib's 1Malaysia bullshit, elsewhere a very small bunch of morons from Perkasa and Khairy's boys (UMNO youth wing with Mahathir's blessing !) were seen waging war against anything Christian and non-Malay and non-Muslim in Jalan Chan Sow Lin, Kuala Lumpur, near the Utusan office on the 24th. May and as usual after Friday prayers !!

Surely these images below were never published or this story ever mentioned in the main stream media. You tell me.....I don't subscribe to the hard copy !!
You'd think Najib does not know anything about this 1Perkasa rally ? Think again !

......strategising the who's actually "killing" the Malays ? UMNO or Perkasa ? UMNO IS Perkasa and Perkasa IS UMNO, period !!

.....and the "hate" march begins......

...more media coverage......more theatrics by "wannabes".......but unfortunately they were "played down" ?

hmmm....just curious, but I can swear the 2 guys in the left of pic were from the
Penang branch MIC fighting for Indian rights !....1Perkasa ?

...."a sea of protesters"......for as far as you eyes can see.....

...same SOP, but this top-cop can do nothing when meeting with the "MIC rep from Penang" in the same rally. Why ?......because Perkasa is watching !

...a clear show of BN in cahoots with Perkasa as seen with the logo on shirt of the guy with clenched fist in the air at right of pic. Najib will deny any BN or UMNO involvement....keep lying to the rakyat Mr. Prime Minister...keep lying... !

....and this is the guy (above) who's sworn give his life for Malay Rights but was shit scared of a certain "yellow powder" that came in his mail (read here) !

and our "tax-ringgit paid" boys-in-blue and in riot-gear too but who did nothing as this was an "approved" BN "semuanya" okay !

...bored and well-fed "mamas" to the fore !

....nobody complains of "business disruption and wages lost" in this neighborhood here, huh ?? Why ? Because Perkasa has the divine right "in the guise" of representing the country's entire Malay population and their rights, to block entire roads and without a police permit too !

...and is this fellow in t-shirt and in the centre holding the "Hidup Utusan" banner from the same Penang branch MIC member too ??


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