Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sinar Harian apologise to Christians

Malay language daily Sinar Harian today apologised for publishing an information text box accusing the 'Christian movement' of, among others, permitting prostitution and encouraging free mingling between the sexes.

The apology issued by the management and editorial department ofSinar Harian was published on page 8 of today's issue.

"sinar harian christian movements report 240811 apology story imageWe admit the error in the publication of 'Objectives of the Christian movement' in the Info column on page 9, edition Aug 23, 2011, yesterday.

"The information published is not accurate.

"Therefore we retract the Info and apologise to all Sinar Harianreaders, especially Christians, over the error committed."

The daily this weekgave extensive coverage to a so-called "apostasy movement" in its regular Monday column Bicara Isnin.

sinar harian on christian movement aims july 23 2011In the second part of the column published yesterday, scathing allegations were levelled against the 'Christian movement' and these were listed in an information text box titledMatlamat gerakan Kristian(Objectives of the Christian movement).

Sinar Harian listed four items that it said are among other programmes afoot "to destroy Muslims":

1. Social movement: encouraging free mingling between the sexes;

2. Moral degradation: damaging moral values with wild activities;

3. Permitting prostitution as a service occupation; and

4. Films and music: inserting negative or extreme elements and excessive music that leads to heedlessness and negligence.

The daily did not elaborate on these allegations.

[Source: Mkini]

It really boggles one's mind to see how the local media can resort to sewer journalism to increase circulation. What has happened to the code of ethics which journalists strongly adhere to? A journalism lecturer once told me, "Facts, facts. Nothing matters but facts!" Apology or not, the damage is already done and I am wondering whether people like Wong Chun Wai and Joceline Tan of The Star will have the conscience to vote for the BN come GE13 as both of them are Christians too. What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?


  1. Geronimo, even though Wong Chun Wai and Jocelyn Tan are christians, it is not necessary they worship Jesus or the Virgin Mary. For all we know, both Wong Chun Wai and Jocelyn practices a "monetary" form of religion.

  2. Thanks, Anonymous. For a moment I thought you meant "monastery" instead of "monetary".