Sunday, December 18, 2011

Everyone, say a big "Thank You" to MCA for giving us the opportunity tot study at KTAR and UTAR

Read this letter written by one "Ho I" :

My fellow Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman (KTAR) and Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) students, we must feel indebted with MCA as proposed by Negri Sembilan state MCA chief Dr Yeow Chai Thiam because we're studying at a MCA-initiated university. More so, for me, someone who has studied at both institutions.

This whole thing came about when Yeow was questioned by DAP that MCA is not doing any significant work. In reply, he highlighted that DAP's MP Teo Nie Ching's mother had sought Negri MCA’s help in medical fees, and that MP Chong Eng had studied at TAR College.

Yeow, do you expect Teo's mother to personally call the press and thank you? And that Chong Eng represent MCA instead by virtue of her having studied at an MCA-initiated institution?

Please wake up from your fantasies! It’s your job as a doctor; attending to the sick and needy comes first, you should never ask for reciprocation. Where is your ethics as a medical professional? Clearly, you're a politician instead of a doctor.

As for Chong’s educational background, we must consider this - under the constitution, no universities, colleges, schools or any other educational institutions should be affiliated to any political party.

Yes, MCA initiated the KTAR and UTAR. But please be reminded, MCA initiated, not owned. It’s already a breach under the constitution that a MCA member (we all know who) was the board member in KTAR and UTAR. This is absurd!

Besides, being a member of the opposition does not mean that they do not appreciate MCA's help. Ask yourself this - why would people question your credibility and responsibility? One of the reasons is that they could not see the effort being put into the community. Day in, day out, what we see from MCA are political spats.

Lets take a look at Lim Guan Eng in Penang, how many people question his credibility. Or have questioned Mahathir's credibility during his reign? He might have been an authoritarian but the state prospered under his tenure. If only politicians can shut up and do their job. Only then, the rakyat will truly prosper.

From Yeow’s actions, we now know that MCA's policy is to help those who would vote for them instead of helping those who need help.

They are asking for reciprocation, while it is their responsibility as representatives is to ensure we are all given the fair treatment regardless of political alliances. Once again, where is your stand, MCA? You scratch my back, I scratch your back?

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