Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All these happened on the first day of Chinese New Year.

First, you have these people from BN in Penang who proclaimed that Najib represents moderation.

Then, you have that tainted MCA president, Chua Soi Lek, pleading to the Chinese community not to experiment with the Opposition, but to give them another chance to govern for they, and only they, have the proven record to show.

Just when you think you are about to buy into all that crap, out popped PERKASA with its anti-Christian bashing again, this time by none other than it's Secretary-General, Syed Hassan Syed Ali, leading the charge.  Read article here.

But the incident that really got everybody incensed was the unruly disruption of the ABU-HINDRAF ceramah held last Saturday at the Kampung Jalan Kebun Community Hall 
 in Shah Alam/Klang by a group of UMNO supporters.  They went so far to even threaten the crowd with iron rods and drove their motor bikes into the meeting hall.  One rally participant has been hospitalised as a result of head injuries.

So, what kind of message is the BN or UMNO sending out to the people, anyway, and mind you, except for the ABU-HINDRAF ceramah, all the above-mentioned events took place on the first day of Chinese New Year.  

GERAKAN might as well save its money on the TV ads as I find it incomprehensible that after all this time, they still cannot see that UMNO is taking them for a ride with their two-faced approach.  One, to appear a moderate and the other, to appear as racist.  You don't need a rocket scientist to figure out the game UMNO is playing and to think we have a PhD leading the party. 

Would anyone of us still want to vote for UMNO or the BN when they continue to propagate violence and hate?  The answer is pretty obvious.

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