Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's that time of the year again

Today sees many of the Chinese owned coffee shops re-opened for business after a five-day hiatus to celebrate the year of the Water Dragon.

My wife and I decided to go to our usual coffee shop in our taman to have our breakfast.  Besides my usual hot Chinese tea, I decided to order a bowl of mee soup.  

What irked me was when the food was delivered onto my table, I was told to pay RM4.50 for the fare.  I asked the girl what happened to the usual RM4.00 price.  Her reply was, hawkers like them normally increase their prices after Chinese new year and it can range from 0.30 sen to 0.50 sen.  Begrudgingly I paid for my food but what upset me even further was the amount of mee in the bowl was reduced and so were the ingredients like chicken shreds, vegetables, etc.  Hey, what gives?!?  I do not mind paying that 0.50 sen extra had the quantity and quality remain the same, at least.  But to reduce the elements with a price increase, this is definitely going a bit too far even for the festive season.

Now, I am not trying to act like a Scrooge, but we as consumers are definitely not getting what we are paying for, and something has to be done about this.

In a matter of consumer protest, I have decided to boycott this stall and patronise others that provide better offerings.

How about you?

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