Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A proud mother-in-law says it all

Family members of Muhammad Safwan Anang, who was allegedly assaulted by the police during a scuffle at UPSI early morning on New Year's day, said they are "proud" of his "brave" actions.

safwan hospital slim river 020112 mother in lawHis mother-in-law, Mariam Abdul Rashid (right), 50, said the students’ actions should be an example for all varsity undergraduates.

"I am proud of his bravery. I am proud to have such a daughter and such a son-in-law, and I hope more varsity students will rise to defend (their rights)," she said when met at the hospital today.
Nevertheless, she expressed “sadness” over the violence which took place that night.

“We feel quite sad with what happened, which caused injuries. We regret the actions taken on these students, who should be given space to express their views,” she said.

Her daughter Masturah Abu Bakar had married the Gerakan Menuntut Kebebasan Akademik (Bebas) chairperson about a month ago.
'Safwan will fight on'

Mariam said she was ringing in the new year at Dataran Kemerdekaan in Shah Alam when she heard what had happened.

“I got a call from my daughter and I rushed here,” she said.

safwan hospital slim river 020112She added that this incident would not diminish her son-in-law's fighting spirit.

“He will continue to rise for the cause,” she beamed.

Muhammad Safwan collapsed after sustaining injuries to his face and chest in the melee.

He was recorded convulsing on the ground with his mouth bleeding, and claimed he was assaulted by police.

Police claimed that he sustained the injuries from a fall and that there was no such scuffle at Upsi.

17 students, including Upsi student activist Adam Adli Abdul Hamid who had caught flak for loweing a flag bearing the photograph of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, was arrested in the incident.

Police had moved in on the students after they ignored their repeated calls to break up the sit in for academic freedom.

[Source: Mkini]

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