Friday, January 6, 2012

The wolves are out, howling in unison

It is only days before January 9 2012 when the verdict on Anwar Ibrahim will be handed down by the court in relations to his Sodomy II case. Although it is a foregone conclusion that Anwar will be found guilty, the judge however had some "help" from four persons who coincidentally appeared in the various media within days of each other, making statements implying that Anwar is guilty as charged.  The four persons? S Nallakaruppan, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Ummi Hafilda and Hasan Ali.  I am not familiar with the law but whatever has been said and printed, but doesn't this tantamount to being sub judice?  What happened to the maxim that a person is innocent until proven guilty?

S. Nallakaruppan - he referred to Anwar Ibrahim as a  'sodomite' during a recent TV3 interview.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin - His "90% sure it was Anwar on the video" and his " 'maybe' Anwar is gay" over an interview with the NST caused an uproar in the cyber community, especially those who have supported him and his family during his years of trial.  This was the second time he made comments that are detrimental to the Opposition.  The first was over a TV3 interview just before the Sarawak state elections last year.  However, the recent interview was a direct attack on Anwar Ibrahim to the point of saying that Anwar is not fit to be the prime minister because of what he is.

Ummi Hafilda - She advised Anwar to admit his "sins" so that he could be forgiven and she would not be forced to do a tell-all on him. The tell-all will include wrong doings committed by the 'AAA'  battery [as Ummi called them], Anwar, Azizah and Azmin.

Hasan Ali - this guy needs no introduction at all.  He said, "I have a conscience and I will not attend. I have told my children not to attend as well.”  Well, I thought people are gathering to voice their disenchantment with our judicial system and not just about Anwar alone.

Like I have said earlier.  All four have 'delivered' the guilty verdict on Anwar even before the judge did.  You called this justice?

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