Saturday, February 4, 2012

"ARIGATO' from Japan earthquake victims

It was a devastating Tsunami.  Many diedothers homeless or missing!

Many nations came and helped. 

Now Japan says a BIG Arigato. Thank you!
Everyone should see this.....

For the narrow-minded leaders in UMNO, UTUSAN, PERKASA, JAIS, MAIS, PERKIDA, and not forgetting Hasan Ali and that Mufti in Perak, 

1. Teacher, Taylor Anderson, was not there to proselytise to the Japanese children.
2. The Israelis were not there to spread Zionism.
3. The Canadians, Americans, Germans, New Zealanders were not there to spread Christianity.
4. The Chinese and Russians were not there to spread Communism.

But where was Malaysia?
They were there because it was a humane thing to do, something which our people will never understand - HUMANITY.

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