Monday, March 12, 2012

More cow, I mean, bull shit from Najib

This is what PKR vice president N Surendran has to ask with regard to Sharizat's "resignation".

“Since Shahrizat's term as a senator ends on April 8, her ministership must also end in accordance with Article 43. Therefore how can Shahrizat claim to be resigning on April 8?” 

Aha, gotcha Sharizat, and you too, Najib.  How can Najib say that Sharizat is making a sacrifice by "resigning" when she directly or indirectly has abused the trust of the loan of RM250m given to her to start and manage the NFC project?  When a leader is full of praise of someone who has demonstrated ample negligence in managing the affairs of the state, that leader too must have skeletons in his closet, and the victim is holding him by the proverbial "balls".

By right, a good leader would have sent her to Siberia until a proper investigation has been completed and not a mere 3-month leave due to the magnitude of the case.  If Teoh Beng Hock could "fly" out from the sixth floor for a mere RM2,100+, in the case of Sharizat, for RM250m, even the Petronas Twin Tower would seem too low for her.  So Najib must have advised her, "Why don't you wait out until your Senator term expires on April 8 and I will make an announcement that you are resigning and that you have made a noble sacrifice by doing so.  I think that would make you and I look good in the eyes of the rakyat."  Sharizat replied, "So we adopt that 'Gua tolong lu, lu tolong gua' tactic, eh?" 'Weeellll .... sort of," said Najib nodding his head.  He further added, 

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  1. All the Broadway enactment come to life..In Malaysia it is called the wayang show lah!