Thursday, March 8, 2012

As China prepare their young for the world stage

The following two videos are just samples of the CCTV English presentation programme which is held annually to test the English-speaking skill of China's university students.

The format is:
1. A debate between two opposing sides.
2. Delivering a speech from a topic selected by the panel of judges, and
3. Responding to questions posed by the judges comprising of both local and international English language experts.  This is the part where contestants are also required to demonstrate their knowledge on current affairs both at home and abroad.

China is preparing the next generation to take on the world, but are we?
Is this the best our students can offer?

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  1. What we have here is a fear that their ketuanan will be exposed when non Bumis are taken in. It will show clearly from the exam results where they all stand even with the bonus marks given blindly to them. Remember that MARA was started as a diploma course for those who fail to get into Form 6. So they did a demo like the one above although more vocal and more violent and wala they become a uni with degrees but with the same kind of intake and standard. Who wants the non bumi to come and spoilt the party and get to enjoy the same privileges as them? No no no!!!!!