Friday, August 24, 2012

Talam, what Talam?

The following was written by a certain "Moo" which I am happy to reproduce as follows.

I would like to comment on Selangor MCA's recent shiok sendiri (self gratifying) conference that if any party wants to win the vote of the people these days, it should start showing they can do some real work, instead of going on and on like a broken record about how the other party stinks (or stinks more than they do).

Does MCA really think Selangorians are so stupid, or do they just enjoy insulting us? We voted for Pakatan in Selangor, so you are tantamount to saying we are idiots. So far the Selangor government has done far better than any of you Barisan people in the last 50 years.

Harping on Talam will not win you any points. If anything, it makes you look plain stupid. As a taxpayer, I do not care about Talam except for the fact that the state made millions for our coffers. That is good enough for me.

What I do care about is when the state loses money, such as in the past when Talam under BN owed the state millions and it was not recovered, such as when we the taxpayers had to bail out PKFZ's bond holders billions.

And by the way, aren't those all MCA past presidents who are being charged over PKFZ? Have you got a selective memory, Selangor MCA?

You rant on and on about the Talam White Paper, but do us a favour and get us the White Paper on PKFZ's billion ringgit scandal, on the MAS million ringgit bailout using our funds, the lucrative deals given to highway concessionaires, the White Paper on Syabas' failure to manage water resources and losses in contrast to its directors' millions in salaries... the list will go on and on and on.

And the Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Ministry where Chua Tee Yong is deputy minister, what about the RM250 million scandal where there are no cows but plenty of condominiums?

Also what about the auditor-general's report on your own ministry's missing millions for the Selangor padi farmers' incentives?

These are all loss-making ventures, MCA, not Talam. Go put up banners demanding a White Paper on all these, and maybe, just maybe, the Chinese will start listening to you again. Just maybe.


It is without a doubt that MCA today is already a lost cause, and just to stay relevant (which is fading day by day), they have no choice but to embark on nit-picking sprees.  Chua Tee Yong tries to do a Rafizi act but fails miserably, especially when his early press conferences lack depth and preparations.  Chua Tee Yong might as well give up his crusade against the Selangor state government, if only he knows that no one is listening anymore, or at all.

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