Saturday, August 25, 2012

They are back!!

This time, the victims are the family of the late M Nagamah, whose body, correction, ashes were taken away by the South Seberang Prai Religious Department as they claimed she was a converted Muslim

Although it was later confirmed that the deceased was indeed a Muslim, but the way the whole matter was handled leaves much to be desired.

Can these Muslim officers from the religious department try to visualise this - you are about to bury one of your kin according to Muslim rites.  In the midst of the family grief, out of the blues comes a group of Hindu religious people demanding that the body be handed over to them because the dead person was a converted Hindu.

How do you think the family will feel? Traumatised would be the word. So, can some of the religious departments, whether it is MAIS, JAIS or SPS, come out with a system where a better approach be made when claiming the body from the grieving family, and to finally lay the body to rest?

Just snatching the body away while the entire family is in grief is most callous and insensitive, to say the least.

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