Saturday, September 8, 2012

Double standards and more double standards

By now, the above picture has gone viral on the internet showing 19-year Ong Sing Yee being led away in handcuffs at the Johore Bahru Central police station, for allegedly stamping on the pictures of Najib and Rosmah.  However, the point here is not whether Miss Ong was guilty of the act or otherwise, but the question on everyone's mind is, were the handcuffs necessary.  After all, she gave herself up and I doubt she had any intention of making a quick getaway after presenting herself to the police.  The picture of her being handcuffed will certainly be etched in the minds of many people for some time to come as it sent out the wrong message of the might of the PDRM [read UMNO] vs a helpless teenager, and for this mis-step, it will further erode UMNO's vote bank in the coming GE, as people will start to compare why no actions were taken against the culprits who committed similar offence or worse.

No handcuffs for Ling Liong Sik?
No handcuffs for Mohamed Salleh Ismail [husband of Sharizat]?
No handcuffs for Khir Toyo?

It's a NO-NO stepping on Najib's photos, but it is okay if they are Lim Guan Eng's

Urinating on Opposition leaders, an acceptable act?
More acts of urinating on Opposition leaders
Even a spritual and revered leader like Tok Guru was not spared from UMNO's urine
Tearing away the picture of Koh Tsu Koon, and still he continues to be associated with these hooligans.
This is not OK but ......
This is OK?
A funeral ceremony for Lim Guan Eng
Strange as it may seems, the police do not seem bothered looking for these people who committed these uncoathed acts.  When it involves other members of the rakyat, the police will always end up issuing a statements that "they are looking for so and so ....." and that they know who the culprits are from the photos posted on the internet and the msm.  Why don't they do the same with those from UMNO and PERKASA?

See the contrasting treatment here
It was almost laughable when I read that they initially wanted to charge Miss Ong under the Sedition Act.  The question that came to my mind was, was she a threat to national security?  Her act may seem distasteful and could only be considered a misdemeanour.  For this, they wanted to apply the Sedition Act?  It really tanatamounts to using a sledgehammer on a fly.  If the Sedition Act needs to be applied, then they should have looked into the following case involving UMNO members.
The above two pictures are clear indications of a seditious act when they called a royalty 'animal'. Now I wonder which is more serious, stamping on the pictures of Najib/Rosmah or calling the royalty 'animal'
The (in)justice meted out to ordinary citizens have become blatantly clear that there are two sets of rules.  One for BN and the other, for non-BN.
Ms Ong Sing Yee may not know it yet, but this pint sized teenager could probably be the one to finally topple the BN government come GE13. 

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