Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The flag, the flag

Much has been reported about the flag incident which took place on the eve of Merdeka Day when two exuberant youths were caught unfurling a flag that was totally unknown to everybody until now, the  Sang Saka Malaya (Sacred Malaya) flag.  This flag was used by the first Malay party, Kesatuan Melayu Malaya [KMM}formed in 1938, that had fought against the colonial British for the country's independence.

So it was an old flag, one that has strong historical bearing.  So why shouldn't it be flown alongside our Jalur Gemilang on a day like Merdeka Day.  It would have given our Malay brethren more reasons to believe in themselves that they were part of the struggle to free themselves from British rule.

Look at the USA.  One hundred and forty eight years after the civil war between the north and the south, the Confederate flag of the south is still seen until today flying alongside the official American flag.  I doubt the American government went berserk over this issue.

If our Jalur Gemilang means so much to our UMNO leaders, then they should be concerned about how the Thai Muslim separatists are using our flag by flying it each time they maimed or killed the people.  Read news here. If UMNO does not do anything, it is as good as telling the Thai people that Malaysians have invaded their land and have planted our flag on their soil and that the Thai Muslim separatists are our proxies.  Our Minister of Foreign Affairs by now should have issued a stern warning to the terrorists to stop this despicable behaviour, if not it could be misconstrued by the international community that we are condoning such act.  We must continue to maintain the dignity of the Jalur Gemilang.

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