Monday, October 1, 2012

Food for thought - the New Education Blueprint

Can someone please tell me this.  If our education system is so good as claimed by certain UMNO leaders and our students are getting 'As' by the basket loads, why do we still need the New Education Blueprint?  After all, some UMNO leaders even claim our education system was the best there is compared to others in the world.  Or is it because, the UMNO leaders have finally come to their senses that our education system was in the pits and therefore needed a blueprint?  If this is the case, can I safely then say, prior to the introduction of the blueprint, our system was bad or at best, mediocre?  Which leads to one conclusion, that the students who have been scoring straight 'As' are not what it seems.  The 'As' by international standards could be a dud? That, my friends, it is then safe to surmise that all children who received their education prior to the blueprint, have their future compromised.  Many parents must be feeling sore as I do.  Now I wonder how good is the New Education Blueprint.  Can it turn out world beaters at best or continue to produce 'jaguh kampongs' at worst?

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