Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Maid on Sale", did it say what it meant?

Recently, our neighbour, Indonesia, has gone on the 'warpath' [so what else is new] over the claim that we are selling their workers in Malaysia to interested parties.  This awareness came about when the above leaflet was picked up and went to the press.  Gosh, if this is true, then Malaysia has really stooped very low to have gone into slave trading, which I sincerely hope not.  Rightfully, Indonesia deserves the right to be angry at the way we treat their citizens here, but then again, did the message say what it meant?  I have always told my kids, in the art of communication, mean what you say but never be mean in what you say, and this maxim hold true here too.  However, it will only hold good if the person who did the copywriting has a good command of English and knew what he was doing, but coming from Malaysia where the English language has gone to the dogs, did the the writer know what he was writing as he probably would have translated the text literally from Tamil, BM, Iban, Kadazan or Mandarin word for word.  So in hindsight, we should give the matter a benefit of a doubt. 

Below are some pictures of copywriting made, a'la Malaysia ....

Did the writer mean what he said?

I believe there is a repition of a word here.

Okay, I've got the message.  So, if I am not a VIP or VVIP, I go straight.  Some people are so lucky.
Okay, so I am allowed to spit, but not too loud.  Got it!
Hmmm, isn't it obvious?
OMG, remind me not to patronise this shop.
Directors having a special toilet to themselves, I can understand.  But do they need to monopolise a room meant for the invalids?  Not very caring, isn't it?
I hope this notice will not bring down the price of steel in the world market.
Look, there is an urgent need for me to answer the call of nature.  Someone please help me out with this one.
Okay guys, got the message?  So stay clear away from this property.
This one is almost similar to the "Maid for Sale" flyer, except this one is in BM.
So, will the Minister of Education, please bring back English as the medium of instruction otherwise we will end up as laughing stock to the world, and this is no laughing matter.

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