Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hell hath no fury like Malaysians scorned

Upon receiving news that Michelle Yeoh has openly expressed her full support for Najib Abdul Razak, a Facebook page supporting the Malaysian opposition drew more than one thousand comments condemning the actress as a traitor and a government stooge.

As an entertainer who relies on the public for support, common sense dictates that she should have remained neutral instead of taking sides.  If foreign artistes like Psy from Korea and Gigi Leung from Hong Kong could decide not to mess up their careers with our local politics by turning down the engagements, why as a local couldn't she have done the same.  Even Alan Tam, a leading entertainer and singer from Hong Kong who appeared at last week's concert organised by BN, was quick to apologise and have reminded himself to be a little more careful by doing a proper background check on the organisers   Come to think of it, our local artistes too have better senses.  They quit their respective careers and entered politics.

Michelle explained, “This is a democratic country. We're all free to voice our opinions. I think people shouldn't be personal. I think all of us want to do good for our own country. And I believe they want to do the same thing.”  Personal?  This is not personal.  This involves the future of our nation and our children.

She is not constantly in the country and the only media she would be reading will be The Star or the NST.  Does she actually know what is happening in the country?

So what does all these tell on Michelle, a beauty with no brains, I supposed.

In other words, the "good" here means :

1. It is okay to kill Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock, Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed and Kugan, just to name a few.
2. It is okay to commit high treason by allowing foreigners to become citizens without going through the proper channel.
3. it is okay to be corrupt to the tune of billions of ringgit.
4. It is okay to tell the Chinese to "balik Cina" and be called "pendatang".
5. It is okay to burn Bibles and torched the churches.
6. It is okay to persecute the Christians and Hindus.
7. It is okay not to recognise the UEC when other countries do.
8. It is okay to discriminate smart Chinese and Indian kids from entering local universities.
9. It is okay for Najib to buy votes with last minute handouts.
10. It is okay for our great grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers who came to this land to survive, are called "prostitutes".
11. It is okay for us to be educated under a mediocre educational system.
12. It is okay not to have free and fair elections.
13. It is okay to see dead bodies piling up while in police custody.

If these are "good", than I would certainly like to know what "bad"  is in her context.  

Her family is well connected to MCA and for that, I respect her right to support MCA.  But to come out with a lame-o of an excuse surely takes the cake.

Now if I were to see the film, "The Lady", again, I could just see Michelle in the most farcical role ever.  The real  Aung San Suu Kyi is a leader who fought against a tyrannical military regime while Michelle on the other hand, supports all that is evil.

The swing of the Chinese votes to Pakatan Rakyat is now at an all time high of 80%.  Michelle, you just lost it.  Please don't bother to send your films over here anymore because less people will be watching them except those oxymorons from MCA.  It is so sad that you have lost a fan base here which you have been trying to build for years, over a 2-hour pleasure with Najib.


  1. In short, everyone has a "price" :)

  2. Malaysians should boycott her films [ as if we can't survive when we don't patronize her shows] and refrain from buying those products she endorses1 Let her feel the pinch!

  3. I have already boycotted her past movies and will most definitely her future ones too. She is a moron.